Building Trust and Rapport (CE004)
Free Personal Development
Building Trust and Rapport (CE004)
Coaching is a brilliant tool that managers use to maximize staff potential. By using your relationship with employees, you can encourage them to learn. But, if you don’t have a reasonable relationship with your employees to begin with, you...
Achieving Clarity (CSA04)
Customer Service Applied
Achieving Clarity (CSA04)
Information is difficult to understand when it’s not presented clearly. But it’s so much easier to understand when it is. When you present information, do it with clarity. If you don’t, you just won’t get the right message...
Effective Problem Solving (CSE05)
Office & HR
Effective Problem Solving (CSE05)
You’re most likely familiar with this scenario. A difficult issue or unreasonable request comes up during the 5 minutes before the end of your shift. You’re tempted to shoot off the first response that comes to mind just to get the customer...
Anticipating Customers' Needs (CSM02)
Customer Service Mastery
Anticipating Customers' Needs (CSM02)
There are many reasons why customers remain loyal to a brand. But ultimately, customers won’t want to part ways with a brand that is able to meet all of their needs. Especially the ones they weren’t even aware of. But doing this successfully...
Data Literacy (DA001)
Data Analysis
Data Literacy (DA001)
There are around 7,000 spoken languages in the world right now. According to research, the average person speaks just 1.5 of them. How about you? You might speak English, Spanish, Chinese, or French. But do you speak data? Of course not. You...
The Power of Big Data (DA002)
Data Analysis
The Power of Big Data (DA002)
Data: there’s a lot of it about. And there’s more and more each day. It’s been estimated that the amount of data humans generated from the dawn of time to the year 2003, is now produced in just 2 days. That’s a lot of information. When we...
Data Ownership (DA004)
Data Analysis
Data Ownership (DA004)
Data is everywhere. For instance, it’s estimated the world’s leading search engine processes 70,000 search queries every second. That’s 5.8 billion searches every single day. While that’s a lot of data, it’s really just the tip of the...
The 5 Cs of Report Writing (DA005)
Data Analysis
The 5 Cs of Report Writing (DA005)
Badly written reports can be very frustrating. They can hold up meetings, deliver the wrong information, and lead to some poor business decisions. All this can be avoided by following the 5 Cs of report writing. For reports that can help your...
Developing Research Skills (DA006)
Data Analysis
Developing Research Skills (DA006)
Have you ever presented something as a fact, when in reality it might have been fiction? Writing an effective report relies on ensuring that everything you include is correct, no matter how well you know the subject. To make sure you get your...
The Basics of Business Writing (DA007)
Data Analysis
The Basics of Business Writing (DA007)
All professional writing needs to meet a certain standard. No one wants to read a badly written story or report. If the content doesn’t make sense and the sentences are grammatically incorrect, the readers will quickly give up reading it, and...

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